April Opens

(Aprilis, from the Latin aperire, to open)


it’s tough being the warm-up band                                                                              going on stage when the audience is cold

tuning up the leaves
adjusting the blossom
getting feedback from the crows

but we have a hell of a drummer                                                                                    the rain                                                                                                                                    (if we aren’t drowned out)

and when those song bird vocals
begin rising from the trees
and the sun starts strutting his stuff

then the crowd goes wildflower
casts off clothing
lets little shoots of flesh peek out
from halter tops and shorts

hands hold love lyrics
hips sway to ballads

and they’re dancing in the rock gardens

someone sings into the handle of a spade
someone plays a fiery guitar riff on a rake

the applause comes in wheelbarrow loads

and if the energy’s right
we can really pump it up

hotter than the headliner
and steal the show

april opens!


Rae Crossman
Published in Descant, Issue 107