My Young Architect Of Amazement

        no need for foundations
and plans

a two year old can build
                                      a castle
                          in the air of confidence

       dreams are the stuff
       of cloud capped towers

                              each lettered block

                     a K solidly
                     stacked on a U
                            a T precarious
                     on a Y

                            an O placed
                     with cavalier care
                                          on a wobbly M
                                                               (or is that an upside down W)

a double attempt                                                        
                       topples it

                     the laughter rises
higher and higher
                     and soon the zigzag
               stands anew

oh, my young architect of amazement
                     you teach me a crazy alphabet
      of delight
and make me child enough to hope

                     that if the world should fall
little hands
could build it up


Rae Crossman
Published in The Journal of Educational Thought, Volume 27, No. 1