the snowman melting
only one eye remains
to see the yellow crocuses



the bells are silent
at this church now
only the wrecking ball swings



tent by the water
all night long
whip-poor-will, whip-poor-will



sunlight on a wall
the bricklayer’s boredom
turned to gold



spade over his shoulder
the gravedigger’s breath
hangs in the air



and one snow crystal
on your collar



the hook
in the torn jaw of the pike
the glaring eye



he woke up
in the hollow
of a Henry Moore



on a limb
fixed in the rifle’s sight



scatters the apple blossom
a new bride



white pine
and no wind



through the rapids
a child’s ball
an arm



february redwing
amid the broken bulrushes
snow drifts still



paddles across the gunwales
the canoe gliding
toward the loon



                                                 and lifts
                             and lifts
a heron lifts



These haiku have appeared in various magazines and books including Cicada, Modern Haiku, Milkweed, and Haiku Canadian Anthology